Natural White Cone 6 Liquid Stoneware Slip

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A fantastic aid to potters when you have add-ons or parts to assemble for your work, or for design work in contrasting clay color. This stoneware slip uses the same clay formula as the popular G-Mix 6 clay, so it's ready to help you with attachments, slip trailing, colored slip work, or... let your imagination roam. Also ready to stir and use for traditional casting uses, like making your own dinnerware.
  • One-gallon jugs of slip can be shipped in singles by UPS, or in cases of 4. Each gallon weighs about 15 pounds.
  • Boxes of 2-1/2 gallons can be shipped on pallets by freight only, or free to the store when choosing "Pick Up In-Store" at check out. Each box weighs about 35 pounds.
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