Clemes Modern Castle Wheel

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The Clemes Modern is a compact castle wheel built of solid maple, birch, and a multi-layered maple plywood that is produced by Clemes.

All parts are cut, drilled and pre-fitted before packaging. The wood is then stained and sealed, with color choices in Natural, Fruit Wood, and Walnut at no additional charge.

The wheel is 16” in diameter with ball bearings for smooth operation. The treadle is of the heel-toe design to allow starting and stopping without having to touch the wheel. The treadle is generous size allowing for unique "tandem treadling" with both feet, or use this wheel as a single treadle, whichever you choose. 

The flyer is dual belt drive, or Double Drive, with a 3/8” orifice. The bobbins are of generous size for those who like to spin yarns towards the heavier size or prefer not to change bobbins as often.

This wheel is very easy to spin on, solid on the floor, and simple to adjust. It is used by students as well as accomplished spinners and will often be found in schools as well as many studios.

The Modern comes with three bobbins. It can also be purchased with the Bulky Adaptor (flyer + Bulky Bobbin) alone, instead of purchasing the wheel with the standard flyer only. The bulky adaptor may also be purchased at at a later date. A stand-alone vertical lazy kate is available for $26.00 additional, here and under the "accessories" tab on our site. 

Other accessories available for the modern include:

  • Jumbo/Bulky Adaptor
  • Art Yarn Bulky Adaptor
  • Speed Pulley
  • Distaff
  • Quill Adaptor
  • Additional Bobbins, Bulky & Standard
  • We do our best to keep Clemes Products in stock. However, they are handmade to order. Please expect your Clemes products to deliver within 2-4 weeks of ordering in some cases.