Step 2 Knit Class: Student Support

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Have you completed a knit class at Mondaes but need just a little more instruction? Are you having trouble grasping a new technique in a multi-session class? Would you just like a bit of extra time to knit with an instructor available to answer questions?

We understand that every knitter who walks through our door is unique and may need a little extra support to complete a class project. We're here for you! ❤️

FEE: $10 covers a 1 hour Class Support session; $20 covers a 2 hour session. 

CLASS TIMES: Knit instructors will be available for up to a 2 hour session on the dates listed in the pull-down tab. Pay for at least your first hour to reserve space, and the second hour can be paid for at Mondaes if needed. Hourly rates for support are not pro-rated: any time used in the second hour is charged as a full $10 support hour. 

WHO THIS IS FOR: Students of Mondaes Fiber Art program who would like more help with a class project in addition to the class scheduled sessions. To get help with projects unrelated to a class offered at Mondaes, book an "Ask-a-Knitter" class! Need to learn how to knit? Join "Intro To Knitting" here.

STUDENTS BRING: The in-work class project they need help completing, with corresponding needles, yarn, markers and pattern. 

CLASS SPACE IS LIMITED: Purchase your class registration here, or call us @ 208-407-3359 to reserve your space.

Class fees may be transferrable but are not refundable. Mondaes reserves the right to cancel any class due to under-booking or in the unlikely case of an instructors absence. If a class is cancelled, you will be notified by a staff member via email/phone and offered a space in the next available class or a refund.