Step 2 Pottery Class

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Mondaes Step 2 Pottery Class builds the foundation you need to create intentionally thrown pots! Your centering skills from Intro to Pottery will support changing measured amounts of clay with these important lessons in:

  • Bowls of 3 types and multiple sizes in Week 1
  • Dessert, Dinner Plates, or Platters in Week 2
  • Cups, Mugs, and Handles of 2 types in Week 3
  • Larger Tall Forms (or "Go Bigger"!) Vessels in Week 4

Pro-potters Suzanne Fluty and David Zink create an easy-going, welcoming atmosphere for all skill levels, and Mondaes students follow suit in this encouraging environment. 

Enroll in Step 2 Pottery if you're confident in centering without instruction, or after at least 1-3 of our Intro Class Sessions. Many skill levels enter Step 2, with every student still advancing their basic skills while creating things they love. 

FEE: $88 covers 4 class sessions, access to 10 three gallon buckets of Georgie's Cone 6 Glaze, firing up to 20 pots per paid month, and unlimited studio time. Students are given 2 shelves each for clay, tools, and pottery storage.

Unlimited studio time begins on the first day of class attended. Students purchase one 25 lb bag of clay ($12-15) and their own tool kit ($17.98) on the opening day of class, available at Mondaes.

Additional firing fees beyond 20 pots are applied per-piece size, and students only pay once to fire both bisque & glaze (1/2 of the public firing rate!). Students usually produce less than 20 pots in Step 2.

SKILL LEVEL: Students need to be confident in centering without group instruction, but can access continued guidance on the basic processes. Please enroll in Intro to Pottery for group instruction on basic pottery making.

CLASS TIMES: Thursdays at 10am-12pm or 6-8pm, 4 classes each monthly session. Please choose the time slot that you will attend the entire month. Students have 2 weeks following their paid session to finish pieces they wish to keep.

CLASS FILLS QUICKLY AND IS LIMITED TO 10 STUDENTS PER MONTH: Purchase your class registration here, or call Mondaes @ 208-407-3359 to reserve your space. 

Class fees may be transferrable but are not refundable. Mondaes reserves the right to cancel any class due to under-booking or in the unlikely case of an instructors absence. If a class is cancelled, you will be notified by a staff member via email/phone and offered a space in the next available class or a refund.