Zinc-Free Clear Gloss by Georgies

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Zinc-Free Clear is great for Agateware, pieces created from swirled red and white or light and dark clays. It fires perfectly over clays colored with mason stains as well, and leaves your underglaze, mason stains, and red clays as true to color as possible.

Georgies' stoneware glazes were developed for use in schools and by clay artists concerned with high quality, color selection, glaze fit and value. These glazes have a rich, creamy, touchable texture that wraps around and fits Georgies' line of mid-range clays. They're easy to use in brushing, pouring or dipping applications. These colors also produce dramatic effects when combined with our GLW Sculptural cone 5-6 glazes.

We find Georgies' glazes fit well over many other brands of clay if fired between Cone 4-7.

The clay body for the sample pieces is Georgies G-Mix 6, fired in electric kiln oxidation to witness cone 6. Color will vary when fired over different clay bodies or in different firing atmospheres. These glazes are all food-safe once fired, which means their glossy surfaces are easy to wash if exposed to food.

Available in:

4 oz Sample Size (enough or 2-3 small pots if brushed 3 coats), Pints, Gallons, and 3 Gallon Pails. 

Clay and Glaze are excluded from our free shipping rate over $99, but you'll find our shipping rates very competitive. For bulk or school-order quotes on pallets at least 1700lbs, please contact us so we can get you the best rate possible.

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