Ashford Drop Spindles, Top Whorl

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So portable! These are great beginner spindles, but suit fine hand spinners as well as they are offered in a variety of weights. We recommend a middle weight such as the 80mm/50gm for beginner weight yarns. Use lighter spindles for lighter weight/thinner yarns and heavier spindles for larger gauge yarns. These are all finely made of solid silver beech hardwood.

These affordable spindles are available in top whorl. The hook is always at the top of your spindle, and in the case of a Top Whorl your circular disk or whorl is located just under the hook. In the case of a bottom whorl the disk is located at the bottom of the spindle shaft furthest away from the hook. Either spindle is appropriate for beginners. Hand spinners tend to favor top or bottom whorl depending on their preference or which they grew comfortable with first. 

Available in top whorl:

  •  90mm (3½ins), 80gm (2¾ozs)
  •  80mm (3⅛ins), 50gm (1¾ozs)
  •  70mm (2¾ins), 35gm (1¼ozs)
  •  60mm (2⅜ins), 20gm (¾oz)
  •  50mm (2ins), 15gm (½oz)