Clemes Modern Castle Wheel

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This wheel is very easy to spin on, solid on the floor, and simple to adjust. 


Great for students as well as accomplished spinners and will often be found in schools as well as many studios. The bobbin capacity is huge and can be upgraded with a bulky adaptor, making this wheel the same skein capacity production wheel as the Ashford Country spinner, but far more versatile when creating even fine yarns.

The Modern comes with three bobbins. It can also be purchased with the Bulky Adaptor (flyer + Bulky Bobbin) alone, instead of purchasing the wheel with the standard flyer only. The bulky adaptor may also be purchased at at a later date. A stand-alone vertical lazy kate is available for $26.00 additional, here and under the "accessories" tab on our site. 

Other accessories available for the modern include:

  • Jumbo/Bulky Adaptor
  • Art Yarn Bulky Adaptor
  • Speed Pulley
  • Distaff
  • Quill Adaptor
  • Additional Bobbins, Bulky & Standard
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