Kromski Minstrel
Kromski Minstrel
Kromski Minstrel
Kromski Minstrel

Kromski Minstrel

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Kromski of Poland is setting a new standard for castle style wheels. The design is perfect for re-enacters and is made of European Alder and Birch. It features a wide, steady base for the double treadle operation and is larger than many upright wheels – 18″. Two support posts make the wheel easy to mount. The third post mounts an optional distaff.

The Minstrel has a strong, bold lines and a large base to accommodate the large wheel diameter and the double treadles. It is a double drive wheel, but comes standard with Scotch tension set-up if your prefer the single drive feel. A threading hook and extra whorl are conveniently stored up front for easy access.

This wheel is chosen over the Sonata when light or easier/smaller treadles are desired and when travel is not as high a priority. Its versatile for beginners and advanced spinners alike, has the higher quality parts of Kromski wheels (leather vs. plastic connections of the Ashford Traveler) takes less expensive flyer and whorl add-ons than its counterparts on the market, is less expensive due to it's double and single drive modes for the same price, and has great resale value! WHEW! Thats a lot to say, but we LIKE THIS WHEEL, and we think you'll love it. 

When purchasing this wheel as a complete beginner, we recommend also buying the Jumbo Flyer kit with it for use while you learn to spin,  as your beginning yarns will be heavier. We also find that beginners are more successful with the Minstrel in scotch tension/single drive mode when beginning with the Jumbo flyer. 

Additional specifications:

  •  Wheel diameter: 18″
  •  Orifice height: 33″; size – 3/8″
  •  Bobbins: Three included that will fit all other Kromski wheels. Kromski regular bobbins have yarn capacity that is 50% greater than many other popular wheel bobbins.
  •  Includes threading hook, attached Lazy Kate and bottle of spinning wheel oil
  •  Ratios: 6.5, 8.5, 12 and 16 to 1; Two whorls included.
  •  Bearings on wheel crank; leather bearings on flyer
  •  Weight:  13 lbs.
  • Distaff, high speed & jumbo flyers & whorls available!
  • A Great wheel for reenactments with single and double drive capability

A Close-Up Look At the Minstrel with Tim Horchler of Kromski N.A.

Retail Prices

  • Minstrel, unfinished $599
  • Minstrel, clear $699
  • Minstrel, mahogany or walnut $729

The Minstrel comes in a boxed kit and requires an hour of assembly. Watch the video below on how to assemble your Minstrel or download an instructional PDF.

Read Testimonials!

(Comments taken from Kromski N.A. spinning list or email and used with permission.)

“I purchased my Kromski Minstrel two weeks ago, and the more I spin on it the more I like it. It does not matter what thickness of yarn I want to produce, it will oblige effortlessly. Spinning fine has always been somewhat labor intensive, but not on the Minstrel: treadling is easy and the draw constant. Spinning has never been so much fun. By the way, I am selling all my other spinning wheels: two XXXXX and three YYYYY. The Minstrel is light and compact, and travels beautifully. Good luck on your purchase, I think the Minstrel is a bargain.”

“I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with my new Kromski Minstrel. A 12 year old girl and I put it together in about an hour and everything went together beautifully! I have been spinning on it daily and am so pleased with this wheel. It is not only very easy to spin on, it’s also beautiful. I am so glad I decided to buy one and will cherish it for many years to come. Thanks so much.”

“I tried a friend’s Minstrel the other day. The wheel is so much prettier in person than the web images can even convey. Form and function all in one!”

“bought the Minstrel and am very happy that I did. Not only is it beautiful, it is a joy to spin on. I probably would have been equally happy with a Symphony but…I just felt more comfortable sticking with a castle style for now. Maybe I’ll add a Symphony when our ship comes in!”