Pottery Studio : 2 Day Rental
Pottery Studio : 2 Day Rental

Pottery Studio : 2 Day Rental

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Are you already a seasoned potter and need access to a wheel and studio for a day or two? Our Pottery Studio by the Day could be for you!

Our pottery studio has 10 wheels to choose from, some counter space, a small canvas table, and tools for use.

When purchase a 2 Day Pottery Studio pass you have access to the studio during all open hours when there is not a class in session. You can split Day 1 and Day 2 with some days in between, allowing for throwing one day and trimming or finishing the final day. Or use them consecutively! A "day" is considered from open to close, and studio payments are not pro-rated. 

You pay for your own clay, glazes, and firing costs. Clays and Glazes are all for sale at Mondaes. Firing costs are calculated by measuring the longest two dimensions of each piece, and are 1/2 off for Studio Pass holders. All glazes and clays run in our studio are cone 6 stoneware, non-toxic, and made in the NW, USA.

Let us know in the comments box at check out which day you'd prefer to use the studio, and you'll get an email confirmation back within 24 hours. 

If you have not thrown in over a year, we encourage you to join one of our Pottery Classes (a much better deal!)  $78-98 for an entire month of all expenses paid (clay, glaze, firing, studio time) and 4 class sessions with a pro-potter! This class is worth the time and will get you throwing pots a lot faster than learning on your own. 4 weekly sessions to choose from for Intro to Pottery, Step 2, and Step 3 Studio. Read More About Intro To Pottery Class>

Studio 2 Day Rental Includes:

-Access to 10 wheels, counter space, tools, in-studio 

-50% off Firing Fees. Your Studio pass includes both bisque and glaze firings for one price! Pay only once when measuring a piece to add to the fire. 

-Open studio use when classes are not in session. See our current open hours at this websites announcement banner, or on our "About Us" page

You Provide: 

-Purchase of any cone 6 clays & glazes you desire to work with, available at Mondaes.

-Any specialty tools you desire not available in the studio, available at Mondaes for purchase.

-Firing Fees per piece are calculated by measuring the two longest dimensions of a piece, and are very affordable. You only pay once for your bisque and glaze fire per piece with your Studio Space.