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Product Image 100% Cotton Warp, "Maysville", 8/4

100% Cotton Warp, "Maysville", 8/4


Maysville 100% Cotton 1/2 LB tubes

Available in Natural (Ivory), Commercial and Special Dye Colors

All colors are now color-fast and won't bleed or fade. Don't be fooled by Maysville being called a "warp" yarn... we are using this soft sturdy cotton for warp & weft in basic hand towel weaving, warp for light to heavy rugs, and our knit and crocheters have used it double and triple stranded for multi toned work or lightweight garments!


100% Cotton rug warp

  • 100% Cotton rug warp
  • 8/4 100% Maysville Cotton Warp
  • approx. 800 yards
  • 8 oz cone/tube