Ashford Wheel Flyers
Ashford Wheel Flyers
Ashford Wheel Flyers

Ashford Wheel Flyers

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Have a new or vintage Ashford Wheel you'd like to change or upgrade your Flyer System for? This is the page!

You'll find Standard, Sliding Hook, Lace, and other flyers here at the pull-down tab available in both unfinished, lacquered, single drive (no added pulley, pulleys on front of flyer) and Double Drive (added pulley to drive along with the bobbin at the same time).

We often upgrade the single pulley flyers on Ashford Traditional Wheels to the newer 4 gear (pulley) Sliding Hook Pulley, which takes the larger capacity bobbins. This provides more ratios when spinning for faster or slower twist, and 25% larger bobbin capacity than Ashford's Standard bobbin.

Included with all Flyer Kits:

  • 1 matching bobbin, threading hook and instructions
Match a Flyer to Your Wheel:
  • Sliding Hook Single Drive (SD) Flyer: for single drive Traditional & Traveller spinning wheels 
  • Sliding Hook Double Drive (DD) Flyer: for  Elizabeth, Traditional and Traveller double drive spinning wheels
  • Standard Flyer Kit: older harp style with fixed hooks - for Traditional SD and Traveller SD spinning wheels as an 4 gear upgrade to all wheels produced prior to 1990. Only available in unfinished.