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Product Image Ashford Wheel Tensioning Knobs, Springs, Boards, & Kits

Ashford Wheel Tensioning Knobs, Springs, Boards, & Kits


All Ashford Wheel Tensioning Knobs, Boards, & Tension Kits for Scotch Tension can be found here in the pull-down tab. Make sure you are purchasing the correct part for your wheel's vintage, and feel free to contact the shop with any questions you may have.  Additional parts are available under other parts tabs on our site, and by request through our shop contact.

Parts Available in Unfinished & Clear Lacquer:

  • Adjusting Board (Flat board under Mother Of All that raises/lowers to add/subtract driveband tension)
  • Adjusting Board Knob (Found on the Adjusting Board and, when turned, adjusts the overall drive band tension)
  • Scotch Tension Knobs for both the 70's Ashfords & Newer Vintage Wheels
  • Complete Scotch Tension Knob Kits: Include Wooden Knob, scotch tension band, and 2 gold colored Ashford Tension Springs
  • Nylon Scotch Tension/Brake Band 
  • Tension Springs
  • Flyer Hooks, standard or Jumbo size, in Packs of 12