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Product Image Authentic Indian Charkha Wheel

Authentic Indian Charkha Wheel

$12.00 $179.00

This is truly a special wheel, not only for the way it looks, its compact size and the fact it is from India, but because it has a history that helped force change in India during the rule of the British Crown.
During the time of British rule, Indians were working hard to produce cotton, only to see it shipped off to England to be spun and then made into cloth. To add to the insult, the British then sent the cloth back to India to be sold at a price most Indians could not afford. In the drive to independence, Mahatma Gandhi was looking for a way to impress on the British that exploitation through cotton would not go unchallenged, so he challenged the Indian people to develop a spinning wheel that every Indian could afford, a wheel that would be compact enough to fit in every home and also portable so it could be taken everywhere a person might travel. Gandhi encouraged everyone to sit down and spin when they had a free moment, and he would do so himself as often as he could.This spinning would be done in public and hopefully in the presence of the British.

The Charkha spinning wheel (charkha means “wheel”) shown above won Mahatma Gandhi’s competition and helped in the fight for independence. It is still used in India today. The Indian Charkha is made of teak, finished and ready to use. It includes 3 spindles, a skeinwinder and instructions. It is designed for spinning fine fibers such as cotton, silk, angora and cashmere into fine yarns.

Note: This product is made in India and imported by Kromski N.A. As such, it is a true “charkha” and each wheel will have slight cosmetic differences, also you will find that these wheels do not have the fine finish of western wheels. This “rough” finish is not a defect, just the nature of how the product as made and used in India.

  • Ratio – 100:1 (Thats a lot of twist for creating fine cotton thread!)
  • Indian Charkha – $148.00
  • Extra spindles – $13.50 each
  • Poly Speed Kit – elastic drive band (main and spindle) to provide smooth, knot-free drive surfaces that never slip. - $12
  • Cotton Punis, 100 gms- $16.50
  • Download a pdf version of basic instructions >>