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Product Image Babe Spinning Wheel Bobbins

Babe Spinning Wheel Bobbins


The Babe Standard Spinning Wheel Bobbin (5:1) is comparable to the size of all "standard" size bobbins from various spinning wheel companies. Lightweight and inexpensive, Babe wheel owners find them easy to add to their collection and helpful when working on larger projects. Purchase by the one from Mondaes, or in groups of 3 at a discount. $9.98 ea or $27.98 for 3. 

The Babe Fast Bobbin (6:1) gives you more twist per inch on your yarns at the same treadle speeds you're used to, or at your "default" treadle speed. Great for when your hands are beginning to draft faster and you're ready to pick up the pace a bit, or when you're learning to spin finer yarns that require more twist. $8.98 each or $24.98 for 3.

Babe's Fastest Speed Bobbin (21:1) provides a very small pulley on one end to drive more twist per inch when creating fine/lace weight yarns. Very important when you're drafting fibers thin and need the twist to hit the fiber to hold it together, but dont want to treadle at 10x the speed! $9.98 per bobbin or 28.98 for 3.

The Red Plying Bobbin holds up to 8oz of fiber, and fits the Babe Plying Fyler conversion kits for the Babe Fiber Starter Wheel, Pinkie Wheel and Production Spinning Machine. Your new Babe Production wheel will come with one of the red plying Bobbins, but many spinners turn right around and add a few more to their next order. They're so inexpensive, you might as well add 2 more right away! $15.98 each or $45.98 for 3. 

The Black Ended Super Bulky Bobbin measures 8" long and 6" across each end! It holds up to 2 POUNDS of fiber, making the Babe Bulky Wheels some of the largest capacity production and art-yarn wheels on the market. Mondaes uses the Babe Bulky Wonder E-Spinner to produce commercially recycled/renewed yarns and hand-spun yarns that can't be produced at a mill! $18.98 each bobbin or $54.98 for 3.