Brent Model IE Pottery Wheel

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Why Choose Brent?

Brent Wheels made their reputation by providing optimal torque at all speeds. The classic Brent controller that made it all possible is back, with new improvements to make it better than ever.

  • Auto Load Regulation means constant RPM, so the wheel speed won't slow down under varying load demands.
  • The electronic and motor designs incorporate filters to rpevent interference on nearby AM/FM radios.
  • Reliable, simple toggle switches for on/off and forward/reverse controls, with a safe "neutral" position for the forward/reverse switch.
  • Modular connections between the motor, controls and foot pedal make repair or replacement quick and easy.
    All Brent wheels include a two-piece molded plastic splash pan that snaps under the wheelhead.
    • 1/4-hp 5 amp motor
    • 12" aluminum wheel head with bat pins
    • Handles 75 pounds of clay continuously
    • Cast aluminum foot pedal
    • Adjustable legs vary height of wheel head from 20" to 25" from base.
    • Shipping weight 79 pounds