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Product Image Brother Standard Baby Drum Carder

Brother Standard Baby Drum Carder


The Standard Baby is the newest addition to Brother's line of drum carders! The drum or "roving" carder produces very thick batts due to its extra long 5/8" long teeth. These longer teeth are made of hardened and highly tempered steel wire that is remarkable for its longevity and uniformity. This longer 72 TPI cloth and tooth pattern is great for blending multi-textured fibers, creating art batts, and can be used to card fine fibers into the mix.

The special fabrication and design of the cloth makes it ideal for handling a wide spectrum of materials; normal fleeces, and fun additives; feathers, bits of cloth, etc. On top of that, the tooth pattern lends itself to even blending, uniformity, and releases the batt easily.

The narrow drum creates a "roving" width batt that can still be reduced by tearing vertically, or can be spun as-is since it is a more manageable size. Brother carders are constructed with high quality copper bushings for longevity of the carder, and have completely adjustable drums. You can also add or change-out drums on your Brother at any time on most models (aside from the Baby) , making the Brother Carding System an all-around great choice if you work with a wide variety of materials.

  • 4" Width, 7" diameter drums, 5:1 Drum ratio
  • Aprox. batt dimensions: 5"x 22" (equal to a standard drum batt)
  • Sold only with 5/8" 72 TPI cloth
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Brush attachment, clamps, and doffer for removing batts are sold separately
  • Dimensions: 18" long, 9" tall, 8" wide, 4" additional with handle
  • Unfinished, stain/finish can be easily applied
  • Ships completely assembled with instructions
  • 30 day money back guarantee when returned to the manufacturer
  • Handmade of Hemlock wood in the USA
  • Free Shipping anywhere in the US