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Product Image Ceramic Studio Birthday Party!

Ceramic Studio Birthday Party!


Come have a ceramic painting birthday party! Diverse age groups find our ceramic studio a fun, calming place where their creative side can come to life. No prior art or painting experience is needed, and no one is too young or too old to create great fired pieces. We'll show your party how to use the studio, give tips on how the underglazes work, and then you do the rest!

The studio is reserved in 2 hour time blocks though young kids usually paint for around 30-45 minutes. Some parties choose to serve cake in the studio and have their whole event at Mondaes, and some choose to paint and then head to their next location. 

  • Reserve the Studio for your 2 hour block by purchasing your non-refundable $25 reservation fee here. Your party will be credited up to $25 is credited toward ceramic piece purchases upon arrival.
  • Please add your preferred reservation time in your comments box at checkout, and we will confirm your reservation by email within 24 hours.
  • Be sure to add the cake and balloon table to your cart for $25 if you would like us to set up a sheeted extra table for your goodies to land. Your party provides cake/balloons/etc. 


Our underglazes are non-toxic and generally non-staining. Pieces are fired in our kiln to 1900 degrees F. every Wednesday evening after 6pm closing.

Your parties' ceramics are ready for pick every following Friday after 6pm. 

Mondaes' ceramic bisque ware section presents over 500 pieces to choose from, starting at $1.98.  Our kid "favorites" animal and character pieces begin at 5.98-6.98.

All prices on bisque INCLUDE ALL glaze use, firing, and studio fees. We do NOT charge anything extra beyond the price written on our bisque pieces. Painters have approximately 3 months to come back and finish their ceramic painting on a piece after it's purchase date before we assume the piece is abandoned. 

All bisque ware is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe once fired. This means you can really bake pie in the pie dishes and heat up your coffee mug! Reservations are available during all open hours. 

Puffy Mondaes phone: 208-407-3359. 
Studio Hours: 
10am-6pm Mon 
10am-10pm Tues - Sat
Closed Sunday