Clay Planet Wax Resist
Clay Planet Wax Resist

Clay Planet Wax Resist

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Clay Planet Wax Resist is a favorite among Reeds Wax users, and equally purchased from Mondaes by intro and pro potters alike.
Use for controlling glaze coverage.  Apply to bisque-ware wherever glaze is not desired.  
Any glaze that does stick to the resist can be removed with a damp sponge.  Keep hands clean and avoid touching surface to be glazed after touching waxed areas.
Apply glaze only after wax resist has dried clear(yellow tint) and is no loner white.  Can be used on top of glaze to keep a second glaze from covering an area.  Burns out during firing. Avoid excessive wax in kiln, as it tends to smell when firing or produce a bit of smoke when burning out.
Also excellent for wax-resist glazing and for slowing the drying of attached parts to help prevent cracking. Thin with water as needed. 
Apply with sponge or brush.  Allow to dry.  Apply glaze.  Wipe off excess glaze.

NOTE: Does not prevent glaze from running during firing.