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Product Image "Mellow Yellow" Stoneware Yarn Bowls

"Mellow Yellow" Stoneware Yarn Bowls


Keren Brown's hand-thrown stoneware yarn bowls are created with beauty and functionality in mind. Knitters & crocheters love a good yarn bowl that keeps their project organized while allowing the yarn to spin within the gloss glazed bowl.

The yarn is slipped through the "swoop" cut out at the front of the bowl, allowing it to be pulled from the ball during use without catching or rolling off the table. All styles have at least 2 holes in the back for running multiple colors of yarn through or storing knitting needles. 

The concave shape and slightly higher sides of these yarn bowls allow the yarn to stay contained in the bowl and spin freely, making them beautifully effective. Keren Brown is a knitter AND potter, and has designed each of these bowls to stand alone as functional artwork.

Every yarn bowl is: 

  • high-fired from stoneware clay made in the US by Keren Brown of Keren Brown, Artworks
  • aproximately 7" wide by 8" high
  • completely original and unique, no two are exactly alike
  • glazed to be non-toxic, lead-free stoneware
  • PLEASE allow for 2 weeks production time during peak gifting season. We make every attempt to stay current on handmade goods at Mondaes, but occasionally artists need time to produce their handmade wares.

Colors Available:

Styles Available (more pics coming soon):

  • Basic 2 holes with swoop for yarn - $28
  • "Knit" etched into the bowl, with the "K" integrated into the swoop, 3 holes in back - $32
  • "Yarn" etched into the bowl, with the "Y" integrated into the swoop, 3 holes in back - $32
  • Some intricate cuts & styles such as the Falling Leaves Bowl are available in some color-ways.