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Product Image Lanaloft Sport, 1 lb Cones

Lanaloft Sport, 1 lb Cones


The United States sheep have done it again.  Lanoloft, one of Brown’s newest and most sought after yarn is 100% United States grown wool.  The majority of the wool used in this line of yarn comes from Colorado sheep with an average micron count of 22 to 24.  

This line of yarn offers many wonderful variations.  It is available in three different weights, sport, worsted and bulky.  The color palette is richly covered with 29 solid colors, 8 heathered tones, 16 monochromatic hues, and 12 hand painted color ways.

Not only will Lanaloft feel wonderful to the hands as it slips through the fingers, but the finished project will be a feast for the eyes. Watch the video below to learn about this historic US mill, and why Puffy Mondaes Sustainable Arts supports companies like this when we sourcing art materials.

  • 100% Wool, single ply
  • 1400 yards per 1/2 lb cone (thats a U.S. grown lambs wool sweater for $33-66!)
  • Needle: US Size 5 Needle Recommended, Blooms when blocked!
  • Average Gauge 6 st / " - 8 rw / "
  • Find solid colors listed first in chromatic order, then Monochrome Kettle-Dyed Effect colors starting with the color "Smoke".