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Product Image Weaving 102 Class: Double Weave a Hooded Scarf on 4 Harness Looms

Weaving 102 Class: Double Weave a Hooded Scarf on 4 Harness Looms


Have you wondered where to start in the process of turning flat woven items into clothing? Or how to make the width of your loom double?! This is your class!

Merry Jo Schreffler will show local weavers who have a basic working knowledge of even weave to use their looms to Double Weave: a skill that creates the fold in clothing, as in this hooded scarf, and doubles the weaving width of the loom.

You may use your own 4 Harness loom in good working order, or reserve one of the 4 classroom looms we have available. Space for this class is limited to 4-6 weavers as loom availability allows. 



SKILL LEVEL: This class is open to beginning through intermediate weavers. 4 Harness weaving allows for pattern work and detail not available when using a rigid heddle. If you’ve taken our Weaving 101 classes, you’ll still learn a great deal in any of our 4 Harness Weaving Classes.

STUDENTS SUPPLY: Students may bring their own looms in good working order, or reserve a loom at Puffy Mondaes prior to the class at no additional charge by adding the "Class Loom" product to your cart. One week is allowed after class to finish up projects on the Dorothy loom at Puffy Mondaes, additional weeks of loom use may be rented at $25 per week.

Purchase your class registration here, or call Puffy Mondaes @ 208-407-3359 to reserve your space.

Class fees are transferrable but not refundable: fees paid to guest teachers and special events are subject to approval before transferring.

Puffy Mondaes reserves the right to cancel any class due to underbooking or in the unlikely case of an unexpected instructors absense. If a class is cancelled, you will be notified by a staff member via email and offered a space in the next available class or a refund.