Mazama Red Stoneware Clay, Cone 6

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Mazama is a most versatile clay body! It's vitreous, created to use for tableware, and very plastic, with 5% 35-mesh grog. This exciting new clay just performs in wheelwork, handbuilding, and small-to-medium-sized sculpture.

Mazama is a variation on our Pioneer Dark clay and the difference is COLOR. Because Pioneer Dark is a medium brown khaki color, it works well with glazes, but on its own might not offer the richness of color some potters look for. On the other hand, on the "too red!" side, our Dundee Red and Trail Mix Cinnamon on their own are fabulous, but they often overwhelm glazes. Mazama becomes the Goldilocks of cone 6 red: it's just right!

  • Absorption = .5 - 0%
  • Total shrinkage = 10.70%
Recommended Wheelthrowing Dinnerware Handbuilding Sculpture Classroom