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Product Image Eco House Natural Orange Terpine Solvent

Eco House Natural Orange Terpine Solvent


The Strongest!

Natural Orange Terpene Solvent is the most potent solvent in the Eco-House Solvent System. For the painter this product can be a full-fledged substitute for turpentine. It is a petroleum-free, highly distilled food-grade solvent, and like the rest of the Eco-House Inc Fine Art Oils and Mediums, it is of high archival quality and leaves no residue.

#915 Natural Orange Terpene Solvent dissolves damar resin readily. It is mixable in any ratio with #115 Extra Mild Citrus Thinner or #125 Neutralthin.

Natural Orange Terpene Solvent should be used only in well ventilated areas, when a strong solvent is technically unavoidable, for instance to dissolve solid resins or to soften hardened paints, waxes or gums. Like many natural essential oils it can have a sensitizing effect on persons who are prone to hyper-sensitivities.


  • clear , transparent
  • Made in Canada