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Product Image Eco House NeutralThin Odorless Thinner

Eco House NeutralThin Odorless Thinner


The Purest, NeutralThin Odorless Thinner Is a general-purpose thinner, degreaser, brush cleaner and volatile painting medium for oil-based paints and artist paints.

NeutralThin is free of aromatic hydrocarbons and does not contain any natural essential oils. NeutralThin has been used successfully by chemically sensitive persons as a hypo-allergenic formula for more than a decade. However, due to the individual uniqueness of allergic reactions, exceptions are possible.

Neutralthin can be mixed with all oil-based Eco-House products, with # 115 and # 915 in any desired ratio and with other products as per specification. 100% volatile

Does not dissolve Damar resin, use #915 instead.

Combustible : Flashpoint > 142 �F (= 61.1 �C)
Keep out of reach of children.
Aspiration Hazard, if this product is accidentally ingested and liquid is drawn into lungs.

Isoparaffinic Hydrocarbons with zero aromatics content

clear, transparent