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Product Image Fired Ceramic Critters Art Crate™

Fired Ceramic Critters Art Crate™


Have a class or group of 30 students or more? This take-home kit for local education centers is a great way for students and staff to experience learning through art, complete with tools, instructions, and materials, at a fraction of the cost per student. 

Art Crates™ are a complete bulk kit for educational settings. Purchase the Art Crate™ Tool Kit to obtain tools and instructions needed to run your project for 30 students at a time, and Art Crates™ as needed in increments of 30. Your Art Crate™ can circulate the entire grade level, classroom to classroom, without duplicating tool costs!

Choose to keep your tool kit and purchase only the Art Crate™ as a refill of the consumables to run your project again. OR, return your tool kit with ceramics to fire, and receive a full refund for your Tool Kit in reusable condition.

Ceramic Art Crates already include FREE Firing and 20% OFF retail prices for materials. In addition, take 5% off for bulk Crates of up to 60 students, 10% for 90, 15% for 120, and 20% off for up to 150! Thats up to 40% off, including firing & glaze use!

Ceramic Crates require firing to finish your underglazed pieces. All ceramics fired at Mondaes are non-toxic, dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe! Firing costs are INCLUDED in the purchase of your Crate! Local kits are fired within one week of return to Mondaes, and include the clear glaze coat in final firing. Please request your pick-up date at checkout, preferably 2 weeks lead time when ordered.

Shipped ceramics are fired within one week of arrival at Mondaes, with shipping costs both ways billed to your educational project. Mondaes is not responsible for broken ceramics due to improperly packed, shipped, or delivered items. Items are shipped when pre-paid by emailed invoice. Crates within the Treasure Valley must be picked up. 

Your Crate will contain: 

  • 30 assorted bisque critters & characters (or 60, 90, 120,150), ranging from 3-5", pre-fired to bisque and ready for underglaze. Critter/Character styles include dogs, cats, owls, vehicles, bears, ocean fish, and more.
  • 4 oz each of 7 Underglaze colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, & Brown. White is achieved by leaving your bisque blank, and will have the same final gloss finish. When conserved, your 4 oz bottles can paint more than 30 ornaments. 

Your Art Crate™ Tool Kit will contain: 

  • Clear plastic pallet cups with lids for underglaze use and storage once dispensed.
  • 30 artist quality assorted ceramic painting brushes.
  • Instruction sheet with design ideas and lesson suggestions
  • 30 Synthetic Sponges for cleaning bisque ware before painting
  • One Art Crate™ must be purchased in order to add additional ornaments at $5 to your cart.

    Art Crates:

    • Are discounted at 20-40% over individual art project prices.
    • Are available for many different art forms! Have an idea for a new Crate? Contact us!
    • Are assembled when purchased at least 2 weeks in advance of pick up-date, as specified in the comments box at check out.
    • Are a unique product developed for local education facilities everywhere by Puffy Mondaes.