G-Mix Dry Clay, Cone 6

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Georgies' Dry Pre-mixed clays are made with the same blend of raw materials as their moist pugged clays; they just haven't added the water. The materials have been thoroughy mixed together and bagged into 50-pound units.

These dry clays can be used to add to wet slip mixes when recycling, which cuts down on time and adds flexibility to your finished clay. They can also be used to mix your own clay, but rated masks, a good ventilation system are a must.

Mixing your own clay from start to finish has both benefits and drawbacks. It gives you better control of the consistency and ingredients in your clay, but generally requires a substantial investment in equipment.

Mixing your own clay can also provide you with a way to re-use and recycle scraps from production, but imposes a cost in storage and work space. If you're interested in this process, we'd be happy to provide you with more information. Please feel free to call or email us!

The lower-firing version of our cone 10 G-Mix. Like the cone 10 version, this clay is user-friendly and plastic, and versatile enough for all your building techniques. Order with added grog (CC520G) when you desire additional strength. 

Recommended Wheelthrowing Dinnerware Handbuilding Sculpture Classroom

Absorption 02.40%
Shrinkage 11.37%
@ dry: 05.94%
@ bisque: 07.01%