German Angora Rabbit Raising Class

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This is a crash course in rabbit raising that the curious are welcome to attend, as well as the experienced rabbit raiser. The hands-on aspect of this class will ensure that everyone will learn something along the way.   

Keren Brown, local German Angora Breeder at Browndorff Rabbitry, will share her personal experiences and skills in the raising, harvesting, and spinning of angora wool. 

Part One of this class will include an overview of best-practice animal husbandry and the differences in Angora Rabbit breed types, care & feeding of the German Angora, and a will touch on common illnesses and health. Q & A time provided that caters to each attendees needs: whether it be to help define the rabbitry goals of an existing set up, or to help with info on how to get started owning a first angora.

There is a one hour lunch break before Part 2, which will consist of a German Angora shearing demonstration and basic overview of Angora wool products as well as project ideas for angora wool using drop spinning, wheel spinning, and felting methods, and best uses for hand and mill spun angora yarns.

FEE: $50 includes hand out info sheets, wool samples, and all instruction.


SKILL LEVEL:  Beginner through advanced rabbit raisers will find this class helpful, as there are many methods to raising rabbits in general and German Angoras require various shearing skills when harvesting wool. Rabbits are sheared with electric shears or scissors, enjoy the process, and are unharmed. Feel free to take the class if you do not yet own Angoras, it will be a great way to start!

STUDENTS SUPPLY: Note taking materials if desired, any questions you would like answered. Please bring a box or carrying cage for transport if you have pre-purchased a German Angora Rabbit from Browndorff Rabbitry that will be delivered in class. Wear older clothing if you would like to be involved in shearing. 

CLASS SPACE LIMITED: Purchase your registration here or call Puffy Mondaes at 208-407-3359 to pre-pay and reserve your space. 

Class fees are transferrable but not refundable: fees paid to guest teachers and special events are subject to approval before transferring.

Puffy Mondaes reserves the right to cancel any class due to underbooking or in the unlikely case of an unexpected instructors absence. If a class is cancelled, you will be notified by a staff member via email and offered a space in the next available class or a refund.