Glimakra Standard Floor Loom, 47", Pre-Owned
Glimakra Standard Floor Loom, 47", Pre-Owned
Glimakra Standard Floor Loom, 47", Pre-Owned
Glimakra Standard Floor Loom, 47", Pre-Owned
Glimakra Standard Floor Loom, 47", Pre-Owned

Glimakra Standard Floor Loom, 47", Pre-Owned

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The largest Glimakra floor loom is called the “Standard”.   It comes in four weaving widths, 100cm (39 in), 120cm (47 in)), 150cm (59 in) and 160cm (63 in).  This pre-owned Glimakra Standard is the 47" Width, and over 60% OFF the new price when including it's many accessories!

FREE Accessories (in addition to the loom already being 50% Off) include:

  • Original Instruction booklet and manual, showing assembly, warping and tie up.
  • Double Warp Beam
  • Sectional Beam
  • Manual Bobbin Winder
  • 10 Boat Shuttles
  • 2 Ski Shuttles 
  • 4 EXTRA REEDS (!) Misc. Dent
  • Original Glimakra Bench

Additional Loom Specs:

  • Loom depth: 56 inches
  • Loom width: approx.  58"
  • Loom height: 66 inches
  • The beater sides are 69 inches tall

Mondaes is an approved Glimakra retailer, so we can purchase any additional parts desired for your loom free of shipping charges if shipped to the shop for pick up, or over $75 online. 

There are attachments available, a warping frame to attach to the back of the loom, a double warp beam,  a sectional beam, a drawloom and a fly shuttle attachment.

To Purchase Online:

Pay With: any CC or PayPal, and even apply for PayPal Credit Terms to split your payments up over months!

Shipped: You can purchase this used loom and request to have it shipped directly to your doorstep insured for $200, payable by online invoice after purchase. 

In-Store Pick-Up: Mondaes will hold your loom for 2 full weeks before pick up, if needed. Purchase this loom here and choose "In-Store Pick-Up" at check out. We will email you to arrange a time to pick up once the loom is minimally disassembled, which you are welcome to be present for if desired. 

To Purchase In-Store: 

  • Come in anytime with cash or check, and take advantage of our cash discount of 2% (what we pay our CC company) and receive an additional $59.60 off your loom!
  • Mail your check for the loom to purchase, and receive $59.60 off the loom with our cash/ck discount. The loom is only purchased once the sale is run in-store and your check clears, we can not hold the loom while your check is traveling our direction.
  • PayPal Purchases/Payments must be made online through our site since we can not take payments by PayPal in-store. 
  • Mondaes takes all major credit cards as in-store payments as well. 


Due to the cost of payment processing, whether you choose check or CC payment methods, there is a 15% restocking fee charged regardless of reason for canceling any sale on used equipment after the payment is accepted. 

Pre-Owned equipment is consigned at Mondaes by crafters like YOU who want to see their equipment adopted by a fellow crafter. For this reason, when we accept your payment for a pre-owned item we are not able to grant returns, as the consignee has already been paid for their sold item.

Purchased equipment must be picked up no later than 2 weeks from purchase date, unless agreed upon in writing by emailing Abandoned equipment becomes property of Puffy Mondaes if not arranged for pick up within the agreed-upon time period even if paid in full.