Screen Ink Puff Additive by Jacquard

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For use with Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Inks

Jacquard Puff Additive is used to increase the relief of prints on paper, fabric and other surfaces. Simply mix a little of the additive into your Jacquard Screen Ink (up to 20%), print as usual and then apply heat to your print. The microspheres in the Puff Additive expand with heat, giving you a raised print only after heating. Once puffed, the print is washfast and dry cleanable.

natural or synthetic fabric and paper, vinyl, metal and leather

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Easy ProcessPuff Additive - Step-by-Step Photos

Use: Add to Jacquard Screen Ink (JSI) up to 20% by weight. Mix thoroughly. Pot life of mixture is indefinite. Apply heat to print and ink will puff in all directions. For use on paper, fabric, and other surfaces.

Finish: Puff Additive has a matte finish and will affect the semi-gloss finish of JSI in proportion to the amount added.

Opacity: Puff Additive becomes opaque upon expansion and will opacify JSI in proportion to the amount added.

Mesh Count: 80-305/inch (32T-122T cm) or according to ink specifications. JSI is recommended with mesh counts 80-160/inch (32T-64T cm).

Drying/Curing: While print is wet, heat the entire ink deposit to 275˚F/135˚C using a hot air gun or oven to puff. Do not overheat. For best results, allow ink to air cure 72 hours once puffed before washing.

Cleanup: Cleans up with water or mild detergent.

CAUTION: Always test this product for washability and durability prior to production.