Learning to Weave With Debbie Redding

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Because her own first attempts at learning to weave were a confusion of do's, don't's and rules, Debbie Redding spent 13 years bringing logic, clarity and light to her beginning weaving students. It's her firm belief that, given a knowledge of weaving fundamentals, beginning students can create successfully on their own from the beginning and have fun doing it. 

Learning to Weave is a four-harness weaving course which makes understanding the mysteries of weaving easy. The writing is friendly and straightforward; the illustrations and photographs are clear. All you need to know to weave with confidence is here: step by step warping, weaving technique, project planning, reading and altering drafts, the basics of the most common weave structures, as well as lots of handy hints, beginners will find this book an invaluable teacher; more seasoned weavers will find food for thought in the sections on weave structures and drafting. 

  • Published in 1984 by Interweave Press
  • Soft cover, spiralbound
  • Used, in good condition