Low Fire White Earthenware Clay, Cone 06-1 by Clay Planet

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Clay Planet's LFW is a very smooth, easy to work, white low fire earthenware clay for school and professionals alike. Plastic enough for wheel throwing; also fine for hand building kids school projects. Usually fired between cone 06 and cone 03. 

Very popular for children's  hand prints! 

It is a low fire clay, so fire to any earthenware temp. It's possible to be fired up to Cone 2 for even greater strength depending on your needs. When fired to cone 1-2 it has a ring and vitrosity similar to higher fired clay bodies. Do not fire your low fire glazes to cones higher than what the label states without thorough testing.
  • Sold by the 25 lb bag
  • Shrinkage at cone 04 - 7%
  • Absorption at cone 04 - 6.5%

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