Medallion Artist Series 2327HE Cone 10 Olympic Kiln: The Perfect Package

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**OLYMPIC Is Still building custom kilns during Covid-19! Though build-times are a little longer, ALL of our U.S. Manufacturers need our orders, patience, and support. ❤️Please order from Mondaes and you'll receive your tracking info & exact ETA within 15-20 business days. Thank you for supporting U.S. products, jobs, and the arts industry!**
Olympic’s Medallion Artist Series models can be fired everyday with high performance heating and controlled cooling providing a perfect firing every time. We use Medallion Artist Series kilns at Mondaes over 6 x per week and can vouch for great results.

These kilns are built to order, which can be a confusing process! We've made it EASY. Choose the MAS2327 Perfect Package, 240 or 208 volt, and rest assured you've got everything included in Perfect Package List below. Links to add-ons can be found below this list.

The Perfect Package MAS2327 HE Olmypic:

  • Inside kiln dimensions: 23 3/8" wide x 27" deep. (For the MAS1823, 18" wide x 23" deep smaller version click here)
  • Fires to 2350°F, high fire. Always purchase a cone 10 kiln for frequent firing to cone 6- this extends the life of expensive elements up to 2x. 
  • Standard 240 Volt, 1 phase (Most U.S. potters use standard 240 volt kilns. Choose other options from the pull-down tab. 208 Volts + 2 & 3 phase add cost. For complete electrical installation instructions click here)
  • 3" High Fire "pro" brick provides even-firing, less heat loss, and lower power bills. We save aprox. $150 per month over kilns sold with 2" brick. 

  • Our model includes the upgraded 12 key digital Bartlett V6-CF controller which includes 6 preset firing schedules for 04-Cone 6 slow/fast bisque/glaze, and 6 empty programs to customize. 

  • Can be used to fire pottery or slump glass as-is. Add a dual-media lid element for frequent or primary use as a glass kiln.
  • Olympic's 1 Year Limited Warranty included, and trouble-shooting/support from yours truly at Mondaes forever and ever.
  • The Perfect Package Includes a Complete Furniture Kit of highest quality 1" thick High Fire Shelving & Posts (choose NO furniture kit from pull-down tab if you do not need this and wish to omit it from The Perfect Package.) Furniture Kit Includes:
                      - One 21” x 21”x 1" : High Fire Round shelf (for kiln bottom/base level)
                      - Four 21” x 10.5 x 1 : High Fire Half shelves
                      - 6 each large square shelf posts- 4, 6, 8, 10 inch in height
                      - 1 lb bag kiln wash
  • Free Residential lift-gate, Free Shipping to Mondaes. (Residential delivery usually includes a palleted/lift gate service up-charge, which we waive for U.S. Deliveries. Calculate your discounted shipping rate at check-out or Pick Up In Store FREE.)
WHY OLYMPIC: Olympic’s proven electrical box design with heat shields and top and bottom perforations keep the electrical components cool, and balanced heating elements insure even heating of the firing chamber under all firing conditions.  The model comes equipped with metal stand & stainless steel jacket rings which can be disassembled for transport when electric box is removed.
Though you can order the MAS2327 with a standard 3 key (3K-CF) Controller for $50 less, we do not see the point. We upgrade the Perfect Package for FREE to the 12 key digital Bartlett V6-CF controller for:
  • More ramp-hold user programs and multiple features
  • Features include delay start, preheat, cone offset, skip step and many more for precise firings every time. 
  • Messages and Information are available for reviewing a firing profile before or during the firing during the current segment
  • Cone table for easy look up of temperature and cone number equivalents.


  • If you plan to fire toxic glaze materials within an enclosed room, and/or plan to work in that room while firing
  • If your kiln room has inadequate ventilation to cool the room - the vent system will siphon off kiln heat and keep the room's temp more comfortable
  • If you are installing the kiln in any educational setting indoors (classroom, public studio) with no window near the kiln to open if needed.
  • Note: We know many potters who work in a garage or open-bay studio who do not choose to purchase a vent system. Mondaes is not required commercially to utilize a vent system in our public classroom, and our kiln does not overheat the room. Please use common sense and consideration for your specific policies, educational settings, and personal safety.

    Add-Ons (& Links to add-to-cart with your Perfect Package!)

    • 3 Phase Wiring, 1, 2, or 3 Zone (Standard= 1 zone, 240 volt, the most common.)