Niddy Noddy by Clemes

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This hardwood Niddy Noddy is excellent for making hanks from handspun yarns. Just wind off the bobbin and onto the Niddy Noddy. You'll need a Niddy Noddy in order to make a hank from your newly spun yarn so you can set the twist by soaking the hank in warm water for 10 minutes.

Niddy Noddys are also used for breaking down spools of yarn, and measure your "wraps" of yarn in according to the size of the Niddy.  This one makes a 2 yard skein.

  • Handmade of solid turned hardwood and laquered for durability.
  • 2 Yard wrap/hank length or 2/3 yd length. Most standard hanks are created on a 2 yard Niddy Noddy, with smaller sizes being used for creating sample skeins.