Raw Llama Wool Fiber 1/2 lb

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Mondaes only sells top-quality pre-graded and skirted fleeces, grown in the U.S. on small sustainable family farms. When you purchase a fleece from Mondaes you are getting a fleece that will not contain neps or breaks since animals are healthy and have been sheared yearly before offspring are born.

Llama and other fiber fleeces have been hand-skirted and hand-picked to reduce loss of fiber and breakage associated with mechanized pickers. A small amount of vegetation from the field in your fleece is normal due to our no-chemical hand-skirt process. Raw fleeces are unwashed and contain Lanolin that should be hand-washed with Kookaburra Scour to avoid damaging the fleece. 

  • Premium Blanket
  • 2-4" locks
  • Skirted & hand-picked
  • Raw, unwashed
  • Some veg. matter is normal
  • Grown in Idaho on small family farms
  • Semi-Course wool (typical of llama)