Scandinavian-Style Feltmaking by Patricia Spark

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Because of their cold climate, the Nordic people have developed many uses for wool. One of their traditional products is handmade felt. In Scandinavian-Style Feltmaking, Ms. Spark presents her research into this region's felting tradition. Each district of Scandinavia has slight differences in their felting process, but Ms. Spark has pulled these variations together into one cohesive method. She has also adapted this method to the materials and equipment available in North America. This method is presented in a series of levels, so that beginners can build on their knowledge gradually, while experienced felters can jump to the advanced projects.

Readers will learn how to make their own felt hats, boots, mittens and other useful objects. Instructions are included for making individualized patterns and for finishing the items after the felt is completed. If you are interested in the craft of feltmaking, in making functional items or in traditional Scandinavian handicrafts, this book is for you. 

  • Rare book
  • Published in 1992
  • Paperback
  • Used, in Very Good Condition (some smudges on cover, interior is pristine)