Skutt Kickwheel
Skutt Kickwheel
Skutt Kickwheel

Skutt Kickwheel

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Skutt kickwheels are built to the highest standards of durability and performance to meet your work demands at all levels from students to professionals.

  • 140-pound concrete flywheels individually balanced in casting for precision
  • Rust-proof frame made of steel pipe
  • Standard 14" cast aluminum wheel head.
  • Seat can be adjusted horizontally and vertically for your preferred position at the wheel.
  • Assembled weight 210 pounds.

Kickwheel Splash Pan
This cast aluminum splash pan is designed to easily slip on and off. It also provides support for your hands and arms while throwing, in addition to catching runs, drips and errors.

Kickwheel Motor Kit
The motor attachment has a 1/3rd HP motor, totally enclosed to prevent dust or moisture from damaging its internal components. The drive system uses a rubber flywheel in contact with the edge of the concrete flywheel, and includes an internal on-off switch that activates when you apply pressure to the foot lever. You can add the motor attachment to your kickwheel at any time without modification to the wheel. Five year limited warranty.