Synthetic Dyes for Natural Fibers by Linda Knutson

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Pick a color - any color - and produce it in your kitchen!

At last: no more unmatchable colors and wrong hues. With synthetic dyes, you can always get it right. Linda Knutson, with hundreds of dyepots of exxperience behind her, shares the comprehensive, easy-to-use results of her kitchen experiments.

Her system is economical, showing how to: dye small amounts of fiber; buy synthetic dyes in small quantities; and work in a kitchen with household utensils or inexpensive equipment.

She is practical, explaining how to: find the right synthetic dyes; buy equipment and dyes from dealers used to dealing with home dyers; understand what is happening in the dyepot; make the right amount of dye for any amount of fiber; and rate lightfastness, washfastness, and other advantages and disadvantages of specific dyes. 

And she makes it easy, providing two pull-out charts with step-by-step procedures to have at your side while you're doing the dyeing!

  • Published in 1982
  • Hardback
  • Used, in Very Good Condition for its age (name stamp inside cover)