Synthetic Gall

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Adding Gall to Jacquard Marbling Colors increases how much a color will spread on the marbling size. Add it to the paint to make one color dominate over the others or to increase the coverage on the marbling surface. Gall can add a whole other dimension to marbling and gives you much more control over the behavior of the paints. Jacquard’s Synthetic Gall may also be used with other acrylic paints for marbling or increasing flow.

Sizes Available:

  • 2 fl oz
  • 1 gal

Note: Gall should not be added directly to any of the paint bottles, 
as you cannot decrease the amount a color spreads once the gall is added.

Add gall to marbling paint one drop at a time in a secondary jar or palette until the color spreads as desired. Gall may also be used to create voids in the design. The gall is powerful--do not add it directly to the surface of the size, as it will cause a sizable hole to appear in your design. Instead, dilute the gall by putting one or 2 drops into one teaspoon/5 ml of water (adjust concentration to your preference). Then you can add it to your marble to push the colors into tight veins or create little clear voids in the design. Flicking the diluted gall from a brush causes a honeycomb-like effect.