White-Cast Dry Slip, Six Bag Blend

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One Batch:
This is the typical recipe for slip mixing. Recipes differ between manufacturers only in which talc, ball clay or
flux they use. Georgies sells one reliable formula, but we can make or supply others.
Georgie's makes their Six-Bag Blend in 2100-pound ton batch that supplies seven 300 lb batches. Please call for price quotes on orders of five tons or more. 

This dry mix does not include Sodium Silicate, Soda Ash or Barium Carbonate, 
which are crucial to making the slip work.

300-lb batch 1-6 @ ea... 7-13 @ ea... 14-20 @ ea... 21+ @ ea...
per batch $78.50 $71.50 $64.90 $59.00
Total wt   2100 lbs + 4200 lbs + 6300 lbs + 

 Prices are based on per-batch quantity, each batch being a 300 lb, 6 bag batch. Please add one batch quantity to your cart for each 300lb batch (or 6 bag order) you intend to purchase.