Wu Blue Crackle by Georgies

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Georgies' cone 6 crackle glazes give their best and intended results when used on porcelain or tight white stoneware clay bodies. Crackle glazes are not food safe because of the nature of their fired surfaces. Samples on the right show color results with India ink applied after firing.Crackle glazes are not food-safe.

India ink will highlight the crackle patterns in the fired glaze. India ink, however, SHOULD ONLY BE USED WHEN THE CLAY BENEATH THE GLAZE IS VITREOUS (fused and waterproof as a result of firing). If the clay is not vitreous, the India ink will soak into the clay body and spread, with less-than-desirable results. If the ink soaks in, there is no cure other than refiring the piece to burn out the ink.

About this glaze: 

A soft powder-to-baby blue like a clear summer day. Those are rare for us in the Northwest, but we remember the color from when we occasionally see them. Capture some sunshine in a jar with this glaze.

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