Dimensional Brazilian Embroidery - Yes Please!

Brazilian Embroidery Edmar at Mondaes
A new embroidery boom is in full swing! These little mind-captivating projects are portable, take very little set-up compared to painting or pottery, and are relatively inexpensive. Add those factors in with weather changing to cold temps and far more folks at home due to covid, and we're headed for a resurgence in stitchery like none since the 1800's. 
A New Embroidery Surge Unlike Any Since 1800
Embroidery can be accomplished with a high-quality needle, any substrate (cloth in a hoop, pillowcase, dress-edge, hat-front... chair upholstery!?), and a strong enough thread. Threads are traditionally wool, cotton, poly floss, ribbon, or in this case, hand-dyed rayon.
Edmar Hand Dyed Embroidery Threads
We'll cover more types of stitch-love in latter posts, but just have to start with Edmar's Dimensional Brazilian Embroidery Designs and hand-dyed threads. Brazilian natives based in Meridian, Idaho, these folks began creating their designs and threads in 1979 and still travel the U.S. in person teaching and selling their hand-dyed dimensional threads and kits. 
Each design is clearly printed on white or cream fabric with great instructions that produce stacked layers of stitches. As intricate as these works of art appear, they're all made of simple stitches that build on one-another. You can really do this when starting with a simple kit like The Three Jasmines (4 colors available!). All kits include the thread you need, fabric, and instructions.
Work your way up to simple holiday designs that easily attach to wall hangings, Christmas stockings, or frame nicely. 
 Edmar Embroidery Designs at Mondaes
Or go big and start your spring project while the weather grows cold - a simple way to produce much needed serotonin while dreaming of the first flowers, birds, and green, even though the weather outside will be frightful for a time. 
Lastly, if you're one of those #Maker minds that sees shiny thread and thinks "OOooooo I've been needing that for ______ to attach to ____ and make ___," then we have you covered! Iris and Lily threads are open-stock at Mondaes per skein at just $1.98 each, and we're glad to order and ship any hand-dyed threads by Edmar that you need. Just contact us!
We can't wait to see your projects tagged and mentioned on Facebook and Instagram. You'll inspire others to beat the winter blues by stitching away!

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