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Puffy Mondaes Maker Space & Supply is an art and education center whose roots are based in the empowerment and transformation of young and old alike through creating art, craft, and design.
We are dedicated to fostering an environment of inclusion and diversity while learning together.  Mondaes offers classes, demos, and events that facilitate in preserving historic, uncommon, and innovative arts. Art materials are sourced sustainably with a local, U.S., and international fair-wage emphasis, impacting the creative community world-wide. 
Team members at Mondaes take part in encouraging and cultivating the creativity of every Maker who shops for supplies, seeks help for their project, or attends a class or event.
Are you an encourager, a creative administrator, an event host, an artist and craftsman, or a Maker of Things? Do you have great people-skills, retail merchandising, marketing, or management experience? 
We invite you to read each description of Team positions needed below, and respond if you are interested in joining our expanding professional Mondaes Maker Team.
Mondaes expects a high level of commitment from it's team members, making our work atmosphere motivating, inspiring, and enriching. We work together to provide an ample "yes" to time-off requests, value family commitments and work-life balance, and encourage continuing education and enrichment on and off the clock. All positions at Mondaes offer opportunity for advancement and growth.


 TEAM POSITIONS OPEN at Mondaes Maker Space & Supply


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Evening Cashier

Day Cashier

Design & Marketing Coordinator

Pottery Studio Tech

Mudd Production Manager


Greenware Tech

Pottery Instructor

Knitting Instructor 

Drawing Instructor

Painting Instructor

Various Art & Craft Makers