Intro to Pottery Class

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Learn to “center” clay and make simple, useable stoneware pots with professional potter Keren Brown, David Zink, and Suzanne Fluty. Ages 12 and up are welcome, with any or no experience. You can take this intro class up to 3 times in order to hone your beginning pottery skills, and are welcome to join Step 2 Pottery from there!

FEE: $78 covers unlimited practice clay, wheel & tool use with unlimited studio time during all open hours, and 4 class sessions. Intro students may choose to keep and glaze up to 10 pots with no size limit, and qualify for 50% off firing fees for additional pots. Most Intro Students do not throw and finish more than 10 pots per month.

CLASS TIME: Intro to Pottery is offered on Wednesday nights from 6-8pm, Thurs. 1-3pm, Friday 6-8pm. Purchase of a session includes 4 classes within either the Wed., Thurs., or Fri. Session. Missed classes are not transferrable between sessions.

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner through intermediate. No prior experience at the wheel is required. Students who need a refresher or haven’t thrown in a while are required to take Intro to Pottery before registering for Step 2 Pottery. See “Skill Level” required for Step 2 Class. Intro to Pottery may be purchased 3 total times per student unless otherwise authorized by the instructor before the student is to purchase/enroll in Step 2. 

CLASS FILLS QUICKLY AND IS LIMITED TO 10 STUDENTS PER MONTH: Purchase your class registration here, or call Puffy Mondaes @ 208-407-3359 to reserve your space.

Class fees are transferrable but not refundable: fees paid to guest teachers and special events are subject to approval before transferring. Intro to Pottery students have 2 weeks following their paid session to finish pieces they wish to keep. Additional instruction on finishing pieces and deadlines will be included in your Intro class handout. 

Puffy Mondaes reserves the right to cancel any class due to underbooking or in the unlikely case of an unexpected instructors absence. If a class is cancelled, you will be notified by a staff member via email and offered a space in the next available class or a refund.