1/8" Sewing Elastic : Braided High Quality Non-Roll Chlorine & Acid Resistant

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We've sourced this high-quality commercial sewing industry elastic in response to Maker requests for a chlorine, urine/acid resistant elastic that does not harbor microbial growth, yellow with use in swimwear.

This elastic holds up to bleach and high heat industrial washers over unlimited wash tests. A great choice for making Covid-19 home-sewn and tailor-contracted masks!

Have other requests for materials you can't find on Amazon? CONTACT US and we'll do our best to find them fast. We ship within 24-48 hours of your order. Stay safe, and keep creating. 

1/8" Elastic is Available In:

  • 8 yd skeins comparable to Dritz & Singer Brands ($1.25 yd)
  • 20 yd skeins (20% off in 20 yd bulk)
  • 60 yd skeins (40% off in 60 yd bulk)
  • 100 yd skeins (50% off in 100 yd bulk)