The Mindful Collection: Teal Row Counter
The Mindful Collection: Teal Row Counter
The Mindful Collection: Teal Row Counter

The Mindful Collection: Teal Row Counter

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The ancient art of knitting is known to be a powerful force for health and healing. Multiple research studies have proven what scores of knitters have felt for years: Knitting heals! Knitting stimulates the whole brain and results in benefits that calm body and mind. The rhythmic, repetitive movements induce a form of meditation similar to mindfulness. This focus has been shown to alleviate distressing symptoms of anxiety and chronic pain. The simple act of sitting quietly helps reduce heart rate and lowers blood pressures. Knitting, like meditation, yields benefits that improve lives.

Knitter's Pride designed The Mindful Collection to encourage knitters in the practice of mindfulness; their creative team intentionally chose colors, bags, tools and packaging designed to create positive and peaceful feelings. The color Teal is used because of its soothing nature; it is a color of tranquility and renewal. Each needle is laser printed with a single, meditative word, one word for each size, in order to encourage focus. And the circular figure visible on the Mindful Collection is an ancient symbol, representing the search for completeness and unity. Finally, with biodegradable materials and inks used on all packaging, you can feel good about the eco-compliance of these beautiful products.

Created with heart and hand, this line of needles, kits and accessories delivers Mindful Intention for your wellbeing. 

Coordinating with the rest of the items in the Mindful Collection, this pretty and functional Teal Row Counter will help you keep track of your rows as you knit. With easy-to-see numbers and a handy drawstring storage bag, you'll reach for this practical tool again and again. 

Teal Row Counter features:

  • 1 row counter with easy-to-see numbers
  • Teal colored case
  • Drawstring cotton storage bag