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Kookaburra Power
Kookaburra Power
Kookaburra Power

Kookaburra Power

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Kookaburra Power Does It All!

Kookaburra Power is a plant based alternative to “traditional” household cleaners. This unique concentrated blend of Tea Tree and Orange Oil cleans and deodorizes all types of surfaces (glass, stainless, chrome, stone, porcelain, fiberglass, carpet, tile or laminate).

Power is a true multipurpose cleaner. Whether you are in the kitchen, bathroom or even in the garage Power tackles the job at hand. (Stoves, counters, floors, sinks, mirrors, windows, cars, boats, trash cans, cat boxes)
Spray – 1/2oz per 24oz water, Floors/ carpet 1oz per gallon, spot treatment – spray mix to full strength depending on your stain..

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This versatile all purpose cleaning product combines the natural deodorizing power of Tea Tree Oil with grease cutting power of Orange Oil. Kookaburra Power is a pure, plant-based, multipurpose cleaning product that effectively tackles all household chores. It‘s even ideal for cleaning automobiles, RV’s and boats.

Kookaburra products contain no peroxide, alkali, phosphates, or enzymes making it safe for septic systems and the environment. Kookaburra products are earth friendly products that harness the natural cleaning power of Mother Nature.