Clemes Blending & Garneting Board
Clemes Blending & Garneting Board
Clemes Blending & Garneting Board
Clemes Blending & Garneting Board

Clemes Blending & Garneting Board

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As seen on the cover of SpinOff's Winter 2013 Issue and PLY Magazine's Blind Review in the Fall 2013 Issue, The Clemes & Clemes Blending Board has been recognized since it's introduction for high quality construction and functionality in creating custom blends for art yarns!

The New Clemes Blending Board is a redesigned fiber processing tool for achieving controlled blending, consistent novelty fiber preparation, and fiber placement control. The Blending Board gives yarn designers complete control to produce rolags with repeatable patterns.

Wool, mohair, alpaca - virtually any type of fiber can be precisely prepared using the Blending Board. But the fun does not stop there - feathers, Angelina, dog hair, shredded silk fabric, cut yarn, odds and ends from other projects - your imagination is the only limiting factor when working with the Blending Board. Long and short fibers can be blended together effectively.

Fiber can also be pulled directly off the Blending Boards in a 'top'-like preparation. Blending Boards are not a replacement for drum carders, but are used to create specific art and luxury fiber preparations for spinning, felting, and other fiber art forms.

Perfect for workshops, the slick design allows a quick "pack and go" convenience. The 11" x 11" blending area with 72 teeth per inch allows you to create half-ounce or larger batts, rolags or top depending on the fiber and materials used. The overall size of 17" x 12.5" x 5" breaks down to 17"x 12.5" x 2" for storage.

Dual position keel allows for use on the edge of a table or in your lap - at any angle you prefer. Made of Cherry hardwood with two coats of lacquer. Expertly crafted in our woodshop in Pinole, California. Each board comes with a cherry dowel for removing blended rolags and cherry brush for applying fiber. 

Available In:

  • Cherry -$230 
  • Walnut -$280 
  • African Ribbon Mahogany -$280 
  • Natural Ash -$280 
  • Purpleheart -$280 
  • We do our best to keep Clemes Products in stock. However, they are handmade to order. Please expect your Clemes products to deliver within 2-4 weeks of ordering in some cases. 

Click here for Blending Board instructions, or watch the videos below!

Instructor Gwen Powell has posted three youtube videos on using the Blending Board. Click the following links to access the videos: