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Clemes Drum Carder Tool and Accessories are built to last, as all Clemes products, and will come to your aid regardless of which drum carder brand you own. Mondaes has found these tools indispensable and a must for fine, fast, production work. 

  • Flicker - $25-35.00- center tool in picture aboveDesigned to flick locks open as well as quickly and efficiently clean your carder when preparing to card different fibers or blends.
  • No Bend Stainless Steel Doffer - $26.00 - far right in picture above. Used to separate even the thickest of batts. You can finally stop bending your old knitting needles!
  • 8" Packing Brush - $45.00 - bottom right in picture above. Increases the thickness of batts and helps control fly-away fibers. The packing tool of choice when using a diz.
  • Burnishing Brush - $58.00 - bottom left in picture above. Creates the thickest and heaviest batts, also hones the teeth of the carder.
  • Batt Lifter - $38.00 - closest to drum carder in picture above. The ultimate batt removal and storage tool! The Batt Lifter is the only tool designed to remove virtually all of your batt and store it without matting or felting before you are ready to use it. Fiber can be stored indefinitely, yet is ready to use anytime. Using the Batt Lifter removes more fiber from the carder than any other method of batt removal and with most fibers removes 100% of the batt. The anti-static sheet makes even tricky fibers such as Suri alpaca a breeze to remove and store. The Batt Lifter is an essential tool for anyone who owns a drum carder. Each Batt Lifter comes with one anti-static sheet and one storage tube. 
  • Batt Lifter Refills (anti-static sheet with tube) not pictured. Available in sets of five for $25.00, bulk prices at the pull down tab. Using the Elite Convertible Drum Carder and a 25 pack of refills, you can store up to 6 pounds of carded fiber in a box that is only 12" x 12" x 18".
  • We do our best to keep Clemes Products in stock. However, they are handmade to order. Please expect your Clemes products to deliver within 2-4 weeks of ordering in some cases.