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Louet David 70 & 90 Looms: 8 Harness w/ New Beater + Brake
Louet David 70 & 90 Looms: 8 Harness w/ New Beater + Brake

Louet David 70 & 90 Looms: 8 Harness w/ New Beater + Brake

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NEW: The David III: 70, 90, and 110 are slated to begin shipping in mid-May 2022! Get your order in the world-wide production queue by placing it here, and you will receive emailed updates as we near your specific shipping date. All large floor looms are custom-produced, and wait times between 6-10 weeks are typical.


The David III is a compact eight harness loom that looks modest, but in functional quality, it surpasses many large floor looms. It is available in 70 cm (27 5/8") and 90 cm (35 3/8"), and 110" weaving width.

Like a counter balance or jack loom, it has a singular tie-up. The wide shed however gives the impression of a countermarch: all harnesses that are not treadled down for the shed, are lifted by an ingenious spring system.

The friction brake is included as of 1 Jan 14. David is made of lacquered beech and comes with the castle section assembled to ease the set up of the loom. David has a built-in raddle and shelf and included are a stainless steel reed 40-10 (metric), 800 Texsolv heddles (280 mm), tie-up and lease sticks and sixteen warp sticks.

See Louet's List Of Improvements to the David III below! 


Dimensions (W x D x H:
  • D70 - 36 1/4 x 33 1/2” x 47”
  • D90 - 44” x 33 1/2” x 47”
  • D110 - 52” x 33 1/2” x 47”

Weights: David 70 - 30 kg (66 -b), David 90 - 35 kg (77 lb).

Dimensions packed(wxlxh):

David 70 - 91.5 x 117 x 28cm (36 x 46 x 11 in.)
David 90 - 35 kg (77 lb)

Accessories Available Here for purchase separately:

- Bench - height 57 cm (22 3/8")
- Second warp beam with back beam, Specifify Width
- Sectional warp beam, Please inquire by contacting us
- Flying Dutchman shuttle

Improvements To the David III :
  • Sturdier Frame: Front posts, main uprights and foot rail are now 27 mm thick (were 21 mm).
  • Standing Beater: Hinge point close to the floor, resulting in a smooth movement and favorable pivot radius to strike the fell line.
  • Hinge Hooks of the beater are mounted on the loom: not on the beater uprights, making it easier to remove and replace the beater.
  • Larger Warp Beam and Cloth Beam diameter:  Now requiring fewer revolutions to wind the warp beam, resulting in less tension discrepancies in the warp threads. The sectional warp kit now has space for 4 bars that attach to the warp beam, instead of 3, improving assembly and function.
  • New Cloth Beam Advance Lever added: This has a magnet that holds the pawl in the ratchet wheel, allowing to advance more fabric with one movement of the handle.
  • Countersunk holes in the Breast Beam: make it easier to mount the beam on the front posts.
  • Tie-up Cords for the treadles are permanently connected to the Lams: these can be moved above the treadles where you need them. The screw heads on the treadles are slightly smaller, making it easier to hook on the cords.
  • Tension Brake on the warp beam now standard with every David III: The brake disc and crank handle make it easier to wind warp. The handle rotates in the disc, not in your hand.
  • Easier adjustment of Shaft Height: No longer necessary to use the small Texsolv pins! Height adjusts with a knurled nut, and the horizontal adjustment with a screw. 
  • Folds Easier: Now no loose parts to lose.
  • Two Wooden Raddle Covers Included: These are useful for inserting the warp threads into the raddle so they can close the raddle when winding warp.
  • Two side clamps included: Useful when setting up and threading the warp.
  • Now Instructions on how to dress the loom IncludedIn addition to standard  assembly instructions