Kromski Prelude
Kromski Prelude
Kromski Prelude
Kromski Prelude

Kromski Prelude

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The Prelude is a single drive wheel with all the touches modern spinners expect and the look of an antique wheel, which makes it perfect for re-enactors. It uses the same bobbins as all the other Kromski wheels, even the double drive wheels. Kromski bobbins work on all the different models, which is a plus for anyone owning multiple wheels. The Prelude is easy to treadle and transport, and has an 18″ diameter wheel (same as the Kromski Minstrel) for excellent ratios. The Prelude is made of European alder and birch.

Additional specifications:

  • Wheel diameter – 18″
  • Orifice height – 26″; size – 3/8″
  • Bobbins: Three included that will fit all other Kromski wheels. Kromski bobbins have yarn capacity that is 50% greater than many other popular wheel bobbins.
  • Includes threading hook, attached Lazy Kate, bottle of  spinning wheel oil.
  • Ratios: 6, 10.5, and 13 to 1; Optional whorls available for other speeds.
  • Bearings on wheel shaft; leather bearings on flyer
  • Weight – 9 lbs.
  • Elastic drive band for easy care and consistent spinning

Watch Kromski's video on the Prelude, and get to know the wheel! We're also glad to answer any questions you may have about wheels and whether its the wheel for you. Simply use the Mondaes contact form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. 


Here's a link to the instructional pdf assembly guide for the Prelude, and a video on how it's put together below. Have spinning Q's after your wheel is put together? We're glad to help troubleshoot any day of the week: your own personal spinning instructors, at your service.